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Heartwild Solitaire goes HD and FREE for its 5th birthday

Posted on 2013-08-02

Happy Birthday, Heartwild Solitaire! :) The game is turning five this year and we couldn't be more proud. This is our beloved baby, the first game we've made completely on our own, and so far it's also been the most successful one. Heartwild have attracted a huge group of loyal fans and new people are discovering it every day. For us, proud parents, this is pure joy.

To celebrate this special occasion we've done two things:

First, we've prepared a new version of the game. We've taken every single piece of art and remade it in 2 times higher resolution. In the end we've ended up with quality even better than full HD (by 11%). The game will look stunning on your monitors and big TVs. Take a look at the difference in sharpness of detail:

We've also expanded all backgrounds in the game to make them widescreen. So no more black bars on the side! See the difference:

The second thing we did is... we've made the game free. We want to celebrate the 5th birthday with style, so if you download the game before the end of the year it's yours and free forever. This is our way of thanking you for your support, for all the lovely emails you've been sending us through the years and simply for enjoying our creation. Share the fun with your friends and family, it's free now :)

Get your free copy of Heartwild Solitaire (for PC and Mac).

P.S. We're working on versions for iPhone, iPad and Android. More on this very soon.


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