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Modern Tales: Age of Invention released

Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Have you ever wondered what kind of game takes TWO FULL YEARS to make? Well, let me tell you about our new hidden object adventure:

Modern Tales: Age of Invention

You'll be visiting Paris at an unusual time: Exposition Universelle, the world expo of 1900. The city of art mesmerized by cutting edge technology.

Unfortunately, grand events tend to attract grand villains. Someone kidnaps the invited scientists under mysterious circumstances. The daughter of one of the victims – Emily Patterson – follows a known philanthropist, whom she suspects of being part of the conspiracy.

The search for her father will mark the beginning of an extraordinary expedition that leads her through the beautiful lakes of Switzerland up to the cold and mysterious Siberia. Emily will meet the brilliant people of the era like Coco Chanel, Albert Einstein and Ferdinand Porsche. They will save her from trouble more than once.

Who is behind the kidnapping of the scientists? Will Emily find her father? Embark on a fantastic adventure in the era of modern inventions, unravel the sinister plot and save the world from a scheming madman!

Visit our website to learn more and get your copy of Modern Tales: Age of Invention

P.S. iOS version is coming soon (there's a technical issue that needs to be resolved, hence the delay) and Big Fish version should be available in the next few months.


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