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Heartwild Solitaire Dreams 1.5 with a huge Christmas update

Posted on Dec 20, 2017

Tis the time to be merry!

Christmas is one reason, but also because of the HUGE new update to Heartwild Solitaire Dreams. It's been a long road since the last version and many folks have been giving us a hard time about that "new tables coming soon" message, questioning our grasp of the word "soon".

Well, the new version 1.5 is finally here, stuffed with goodies:

  • It's a HUGE update with 180 new tables (30 packs). Hopefully it will take some time before you get to 3 stars on all of them.
  • There are 2 new table themes, with new art and music. We call them Provence and Zen. You'll see them in the new packs and also in daily tables.
  • When upgrading from the old version, you'll get a gift of 4000 coins. Spend it well :)
  • New Daily Reward screen. Now giving you more coins every day, while looking prettier.
  • Built with new technology (Unity engine). This should make the game run better on most devices but it might be a bit more demanding on lower end Androids. Hopefully it won't be noticeable much.
  • And thanks to the new technology, we now have the Amazon Fire version done.

One thing that worries me is making sure that your progress in the game gets properly transferred with that upgrade. If you notice anything suspicious, please email me at support@orchidgames.com and we'll do our best to help.

The game should update automatically for most people (you'll notice the special icon), but if you need to give it a push, the links to download are on our website here: http://www.orchidgames.com/solitaire-dreams

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and all the best things in the New Year! :)

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