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Heartwild Solitaire Dreams 1.7 with new tables and challenges

Posted on May 1, 2018

Spring is never really complete without a solid update of Heartwild Solitaire Dreams, am I right? Just look how our neighborhood looks with the new version of the game:

2018 05 01 solitaire17 spring

Photo snapped two weeks ago, from the beta version ;) Looks even better now in public release!

What's new in version 1.7:

  • 180 new tables in 30 packs. Because we promised you that more levels are coming ("soon", you know).
  • Added challenges in the main section. Now you can earn cups in all 120 packs.
  • And speaking of cups... There's now a whole new bonus game where you can use them to win even more rewards. It has a bit of a unique gameplay, which may surprise you!
  • If you're skilled enough to remove all the cards from the table (including those on bottom holders) you'll earn a special All Clear Badge.
  • We've decided to get rid of the memory mode since most people didn't care for it (and some really hated it with passion). If you replay those tables now (every fourth level in a pack) you'll see 90 fresh new layouts. So if you dreaded the memory trial before, now might be a good time to revisit those levels and make sure to 3-star them.
  • Oh, and stars... Daily tables now use silver stars, to separate them from the main pack. This was important to keep the game balance in check.
  • There's also a new special offer with a big discount that triggers after you finish first few packs (if you're upgrading you'll probably see it right away). One time only, time limited.
  • And as usual, lots of bug fixes and smaller improvements here and there.

The game should update automatically for most people, but if you need to give it a push, the links to download are on our website here: http://www.orchidgames.com/solitaire-dreams

So, enjoy the spring, chase your dreams and when tired -- have some solitaire!


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