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Solitaire Dreams 1.9.2 - easier to play

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

So, you were right. We did mess up the difficulty level recently and version 1.9.0 was pretty tough, especially in later packs.

Once it became clear to us we went back to the drawing board. We spent the last few weeks building better table layouts, tweaking the scoring and rearranging levels.

Today's new version 1.9.2 is a big improvement.

  • Getting new stars is now easier. Score thresholds are back to what they were in version 1.8.
  • Many of the most annoying levels are either redone or replaced (including difficult finals in the daily section).
  • Packs 121 to 135 have been redone, rearranged, simplified and as a whole they should be much easier.
  • Knife card is now always visible. No more guessing where it's hiding!
  • Also, no more upside-down cards! Yay :)

2018 09 14 solitaire 192 promo


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