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Solitaire Dreams arrives on Windows 10

Posted on Nov 7, 2018

Many people asked us for a Windows version of Solitaire Dreams, one that you could play on your desktop PC or a Windows based tablet. We've been trying to bite it from several angles for about a year and finally, today we can announce that Solitaire Dreams is now available for Windows 10!

You can play it with the good old clicky-click mouse or with a touch screen.

This is a fresh release and our first baby steps on the platform, so please be gentle and do let us know if something feels out of place.

UPDATE, January 2019: Unfortunately, we had to suspend support for the Windows Store. This is due to things beyond our control. Tools we depend on either don't work on the platform or have reliability issues. If things change, we'll definitely reconsider in the future. For now, if you want to play on your computer, we'd recommend giving Facebook version of Solitaire Dreams a try.

2018 11 07 solitaire winstore launch


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