06 Aug 2013
Are you getting weird messages when trying to download the game? Honestly, don't believe them. It's just the anti-virus program trying to justify its existence to you and then force us to purchase a certificate (preferably from them) to sign the game with :) Which we will do soon anyway, though I don't appreciate the extortion at all.

But right now -- the game is safe. I've just downloaded the file myself and uploaded to www.virustotal.com. This site checks the file using *46* different virus checkers and the result: 0. No risk found.

Yes, Symantec says 'Suspicious.Insight' and 'Risk Level 1: Very Low' but after actually checking the file even they say there's no viruses whatsoever.

I'm including summary report below. So again, don't worry, it's all safe. Promise!

SHA256: 7e98c92fae2344fc27127420255db07410f8b885d7cb0cb872c855b21c147434
SHA1: f13fbf35b8fae5aad650e1f878f84970f865823a
MD5: 7bfb691deb2f23380f9ef5f6f191c86e
File size: 42.3 MB ( 44337224 bytes )
File name: heartwild-hd-install.exe
File type: Win32 EXE
Detection ratio: 0 / 46
Analysis date: 2013-08-06 16:17:16 UTC ( 1 minute ago )
23 Jun 2015
Thanks for the warning.
13 Nov 2016


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