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Solitaire Dreams 1.15 - chapters

Posted on Jul 5, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself: which levels in Solitaire Dreams have I not championed yet? Where can I get more stars? And then you would start scrolling through all the 225 packs… and it would take so long (because there’s a lot of them)?

Well, let us introduce you to CHAPTERS.

Their job is to bundle packs into groups of 15. And you can easily switch between the high level overview (scrollable list of all chapters) and peak inside a specific chapter to see the packs is contains. Also, on each chapter’s card you can see the stats for that bundle. How many stars and challenges you’ve collected there, how many are left, waiting to be earned.

Oh, and that third counter with the question mark? It’s something we’re cooking for a future update. We’ll tell you later :)

As always, you can get the game here:


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