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Solitaire Dreams 3.4 - Jigsaw Puzzles

Posted on May 5, 2020

Did you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles when you were a child? Or perhaps you still do, maybe with your own kids now? We have a new toy for you in Solitaire Dreams! Version 3.4 introduces a new collectible element.

Pieces of jigsaw puzzles are scattered around and you can find them under cards, while playing solitaire levels. Eventually you’ll collect enough to put together a whole picture and get your reward.

A few tips:

  • Each set of 5 packs (30 levels total) has one jigsaw puzzle to complete. That makes it 3 jigsaws per chapter.
  • Puzzle pieces appear on levels randomly. More difficult levels have a higher chance of one appearing.
  • They can appear on any level in the main chapters. Doesn’t matter if it’s a new level or if you’re replaying an older one.
  • Which piece specifically is drawn for a level is also random, it can be a new piece or a duplicate.
  • Once you complete a whole puzzle, all the duplicated pieces you’ve gathered will be traded in for extra coins. It pays to collect them!

So just play the solitaire and let the puzzles complete themselves along the way.

Oh, and for those who have already reached the end we’ve added a new chapter 8 as well. 90 new levels to search for puzzles. Good luck! 😎


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