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Solitaire Dreams 3.6 - League of Aces & new languages

Posted on Jun 18, 2020

Have you aced through all the levels in Solitaire Dreams and now you’re just twiddling thumbs and waiting for a new chapter to arrive?

Let us tell you about an exclusive club. A league, of people just like you.

The League of Aces!

It’s a new section that opens after you’ve completed all the chapters available in the game. In the league you’ll have access to an ever fresh set of daily levels. Each day you’ll have an opportunity to prove just how good you are and qualify for one of the four main rewards (plus extra coins, if you’re better than best).

Also, in a spirit of inclusivity and making sure fun is more evenly spread across the globe, the game now speaks 5 new languages:

  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese Simplified & Traditional

Overall we have 11 languages now in the game. That’s a lot, but let us know if we should add more 😎

You can get the new version 3.6 from the usual places:


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