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Solitaire Dreams 3.19 - Summer Event

Posted on Jun 25, 2021

Who’s up for a colorful drink by the poolside? Soaking up the shine with your favorite book, not a care in the world. Or are you more of a sunset walk on the beach type? With sand giving a free spa treatment to your feet and salt water spraying the freshly tanned skin.

Oh, the magic of summer! Let us show you how we do it in Solitaire Dreams, with the new version 3.19.

After reaching level 55 in the main section, you’ll see a button with a starfish which will take you to a special section with 30 new, beautiful summer and travel themed tables. Collect seashells on the main levels (seek those marked with a seashell) and use them to play the event levels. Win stars and receive rewards before it closes on July 11!

We’ve also added a whole new chapter 22 with 90 levels for you to play. Enjoy your vacation!


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