Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy FAQ

I'm stuck - can you help?

Sure thing! We've made a detailed walkthrough for you:

Where can I get the soundtrack?

It's not ready yet, but we'd love to do it eventually. Drop us a note if you'd like that.

Fixed issue: Crash in Hermitage hidden object scene

Issue discovered on Nov 21, 2014. The problem happened in the Hermitage hidden object scene, when you started rearranging flowers or entering the code AND quit the game in the middle of that. Then, after returning to the game, you'd find it in a broken state, possibly crashing. Also, there were two more situations like this in the game, triggered in the same way (exiting the game while entering a secret code for something).

As of Nov 21, 2014 all the versions of the game have the issue fixed. If you still have an old version just upgrade and it will auto-correct itself.

Fixed issue: Stuck with Earth emblem and Wand of Dominion

On Dec 18, 2014 we found an issue where you might get stuck with the fisherman telling you to get a weapon to use against Michael, even though you already have one. It happened when you did things in a very specific, unusual order. In short: if after learning that you need a weapon you AVOID the port location (i.e. skip it using fast-travel option on the map) and you go there ONLY when you already have the Wand of Dominion -- you will encounter this issue.

Since early 2015 all versions of the game have the issue fixed so just update and it will auto-correct itself.

Fixed issue: Graven crashing on the Menhir Island on iOS in Italian language

On Jun 10, 2015 we found an issue affecting the iOS version of Graven when playing in Italian language. The game will crash on the Menhir Island, when you try to talk to the Lady of the Lake.

This happens only when playing in Italian and the updated version 1.1 fixed the problem (changing game's language to English will also work around the bug).

How to change the language on iOS?

  • go to the Settings app on your iOS device
  • scroll down until you see Graven and tap it
  • in the Language section change it from Auto to a specific language

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