Heartwild Solitaire (Book One and Book Two) FAQ

How to quit Thirteens and go back to regular mode?

  1. First end your current game of Thirteens. This can happen in two ways:
    • keep playing until you ran out of retries
    • after clicking "Play Game" in the main menu, when the game asks "Continue your previous games?", choose "No".
  2. Start the game and go to the level selection screen. Click "Start playing" button.
  3. The game will ask: "Keep playing Thirteens?". Choose "No".

How to start Thirteens again?

Once you stop playing Thirteens, the only way to start it again is to finish the whole game (12 chapters) again.

Unlocking the "surprise" bonus

  1. To sign up to the newsletter and later unlock the bonus you have to go to the main menu and click on the newsletter envelope icon like this:

    Then enter your email and click the "Sign up or unlock bonus" button, like this:

  2. If you don't see the envelope in the main menu or the button doesn't say "Sign up or unlock bonus" that means you have an old version of the game. To double check, go to the main menu and then to OPTIONS menu and check the version number here:

    It should be at least 1.1 (or at least 3.1 if you're on Windows)

  3. How to upgrade to the new version:

    • For iPad there's one special case: In 2011 there was an old, low quality version released by Sandlot Games which is no longer on the market and is not supported anymore. If your game displays Sandlot Games logo when started, then you have this old version. First delete it from your iPad and then go to the App Store and search for "Heartwild" (or click here) then install the new version. It's free and features high quality, Retina resolution.
    • Otherwise, for iPhone, iPad and Android -- just go to your App Store or Google Play and upgrade the game.
    • For Windows PCs just go to our download page, get the current version and install it (it will ask you to remove the old version first, so let it).
    • For Mac with OS X 10.6 or later click this link to go to the Mac App Store and get the new version. You can first delete any older versions you might have installed, to avoid confusion.

Will there be Heartwild Solitaire Book Three?

No, but we have something better! See Solitaire Dreams

What happened to the old iPad version (from 2011)?

There used to be an iPad version of Heartwild Solitaire available in App Store. However our publisher got bought out by a bigger company, then they were shut down, and in all that turmoil our game has been removed from the market. Fortunatelly we've managed to get the rights reverted back to us and we've brought it back to the App Store. This time in bigger and much better looking version (it will support Retina and wide screen).

Fixed issue: Screen all white on Mac OS X El Capitan

There was an issue and it was fixed at the end of 2015. Please update your game.

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