Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc FAQ

Items disappeared from the inventory

There was an issue (probably only in Android versions) where sometimes items would disappear from the inventory. We found the problem and fixed it in June 2016.

Achievement tip: Guard

Q: I did repair the fluffy item for the guard & gave it to him, but didn't get the Achievment. What did I miss?

A: Well, fluffy bear is nice and everything, but if you want to knock him out for sure, maybe try something more... persuasive ;) Like that spiked club. Try it first, then the bear ;)

Achievement tip: Doors

Q: I thought I'd checked every door, but apparently missed at least one, because I didn't get that Achievement, either. How many doors are there to check?

A: There are 6 doors total, in 5 locations starting with the horror storage room and ending with the guard room. Let me know if you need a specific list.

Achievement tip: Doormat / Sunday Burglar

Q: I've not been able to find the doormat for the key (...) I'm supposed to be "creative" & even "cheat" - but I've no idea of how to "cheat"! Can you give me any clues?

A: Oh yeah, this one is pretty twisted ;) Here's a clue: if you really need to find the key under a doormat, then does it matter who puts it there? ;) As long as the objective is achieved...!

Achievement tip: Chronos

To achieve the Chronos Achievement, you have to click/tap the hourglass on the desk in the throne room before you smash it to get the golden sand. Clicking/tapping it will turn it over and making you "turn back time" which is the requirement for the achievement. (tip from Panda Girl)

Achievement tip: Interrogator

Interrogator requires you to get additional information that are not required to progress the plot but give you some hints about what is going on. It just encourages you to talk to the characters at various points in time. Mostly after a dialogue if you keep asking the character to speak again they might respond with new information. Thats pretty much all the secret to it.

Somewhere at the end the game will check how many of those additional dialogues were triggered and grant you (or not) the achievement for Interrogator (you don't have to trigger every one).


Still can't get this achievement? Here's a specific list of all the dialogues:

You need to have 8 or more of those "marked as special" dialogues triggered. There's quite a few of them (about 11-12?) but just to give you some details:

  1. One is between Loreen and Jester after he gives us the task of returning him his cap, if you come back to him without a cap a dialogue will run about a ritual.
  2. Another one is between Loreen and Jester after prince dissapearing behind a wall (niche with sink) he explains where Nathaniel has been moved
  3. Another one is between... Loren and Jester ;) after opening the door, Loreen can talk to him again asking if hes sure he doesn't want to come along with us. He will explain in more depth why.
  4. There are few (2?) dialogues with Jester and Nathaniel, after releasing from the Cell before we give him his cap back (actually you have to talk to him twice as far as I remember) and one after giving the cap back.
  5. Another is in Magicians Wagon between Magician and Nathaniel at the end of the game, we can learn more about the relationship between Roxana and Diego the Knife Thrower.
  6. Also before that you can ask more from the Mage about the ritual and what are we supposed to do now.
  7. Bob has plenty of those too (3 additional dialogues that can be triggered at particular moments if we talk with him at good moments).
  8. After gaining trust of Diego we cant talk to him both as Nathaniel and Loreen to get more details about Roxanna and the castle.

And I think that's it. Sometimes it's about talking to them after we did some action (like opened something, moved something, fixed something etc.) or after we swap characters but the most important parts of the game to score the achievements have been outlined ;) You might be right though that this achievement is a bit on the hard side. Too hard. We will take that into consideration in the future :)

Lion head in the cage (throne room)

Q: on the subject of the cage in the throne room, I just wanted to ask to make sure that there is a lion head in the cage. I haven't been able to find it.

Hmm... it looks like it's very well hidden in that location then ;) If you haven't found it yet, click here, to reveal the location (SPOILER WARNING).

Stuck at the control panel, missing the button

Q: I haven't found the missing button to be used on the control panel, and can't find other things need to be done. I clicked the Hint, it kept directing me to the scene of the knife thrower's tent. I have got the blunt knife, the brooch, the star, the hammer. The Hint pointed me to the control panel. I have clicked the paper dart with symbols, noted. the Hint pointed at the first left button, I clicked it and still nothing.

It seems that there is indeed an error with how hints are handled at this particular moment. You must have pushed the buttons before you fixed the console but after knowing the right sequence (viewing the letter).

But worry not -- all you have to do now is go to Bob the treasurer and talk to him. You will have opportunity to trade with him for something special, something that will finally let you push the right code on the console and the hint system will unlock itself on its own.

Stuck in the Torture Room

Q: I cannot navigate back out of the torture room (with the chair) to the starting area. Unlocked the room to the harp, but cannot seem to get back to start thus now stuck. Hint tells me to go back an area (from the scarecrow room) but there is no arrow! I cannot navigate back out of the torture room (with the chair and scarecrow) to the starting area. Unlocked the room to the harp, but cannot seem to get back to start so now stuck. Hint tells me to go back an area (from the scarecrow room) but there is no arrow! Please Help!

We've worked it out with Marie-Louise on Facebook chat, but if anyone runs into the same problem: at that point of the game you'll have to combine the jewel with the diamond pin to get the jewel note.

The arrow that was the source of confusion was actually the hint system showing the tip to combine these two.

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