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Where is the Sequel?

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans for a sequel to Spirit Walkers. The story is complete and that chapter is closed. Have you tried our Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy yet? If not, give the demo a go. You may like it :)

Setting the clock

A quick help for people who got stuck on the clock puzzle.

  • Remember that the time passes in the game so depending on when you start setting the clock, you will have to set different time. There are two options: it's either 11:30 or 12:40. You should talk to Makwa and he'll tell you which one of these you have to set. Or you can just try both and see which works ;)
  • Setting the time was originally quite difficult on iPhone but we've simplified it in version 1.1, released on August 27, 2013. It should be ok now.
  • If nothing else helps, you can try reverting to an older checkpoint in the game (the game automatically saves your progress as you go) and try again. Go to the Main Menu, then Options, then Load Game and pick a checkpoint you want to revert to. Remeber that your current progress will be lost and you will be returned to an earlier moment in the game.

One more tip... on the clock the short hand is for hours, and long hand is for minutes. Please double check that:

  • the short hand is set to either 11 or 12 (depending on what Makwa says)
  • the long hand is set to either 30 or 40

Gem tile puzzle

Q: I have never been able to solve the sliding tile puzzles. My brain just doesn't work in that area. I will never solve the gem tile puzzle. Please help me with the logic behind said puzzle.

Well, it's not so simple to decribe the solution, so if you don't mind I'd like to send you to an external (not ours) website with this tutorial. Note that when they write about a cell with light, rememeber that in our game it's the cell without stone (not turned). Hopefully this will help you (it helped several people so far).

Game shuts down when picking up the oar/paddle

There was an issue like that and it was caused by an error in the game, where people could get extra items and as a result overfill their inventory, which will make the game crash. Please check if you happen to have the inventory already full when you're trying to pick up the paddle? If you do, then try using up one of the items you have first. And by that I mean to perform a different action in another place in the game first and then go back to picking up the paddle when you have at least one free slot in the inventory.

Combination to the captain's safe

Q: The only puzzle I have issues with (which most think is easy) is that backwards code for the captain's safe. I don't know if I am looking forsomething too complicated or if I am simply oblivious. Please help!

First I will give you step by step solution in case you want to think a bit. If you don't - you will find the full code below. First thing are digits on top line of the code. They correspond to digits of code lock. So you have:

  • digit 1 = three+four
  • digit 2 and digit 4 = noon
  • digit 3 = squared 2

Now, let's do math! :)

  • three+four: that's 7 so first digit to enter on the coded lock is 7
  • noon: what's the hour at noon?? It's 12 o'clock. There are two digits in twelve. 1 and 2. So second digit to enter on the coded lock is 1 and fourth digit is 2.
  • squared2: 2 squared is 4. Third digit in the coded lock is 4.


Finally the full code is: 7142

Painting scraps in the first cabin

Q: I have found 2 pieces of the painting and it says to assemble the pieces into something useful. I have tried in both realms but I can't figure out how to do it.

You have to combine these two pieces together. Just pick one from your inventory and then, while holding it, click on the second one (in the inventory). This will launch a minigame to assemble the painting.

Stuck getting the tar to seal the steam pipes

Try tu use gloves to pick the tar (they are under the heavy cover in the boat's machinery), then you have to find some hot spot to melt the tar, only then you can use it.

Install Spirit Walkers on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later

Spirit Walkers is not signed with a certificate from Apple, so you'll have to do this:

  1. Download the zip file with the game and double click it to unpack the app.
  2. Right click the app and select "Open"
  3. Then select "Open" again in a dialog window.

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