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Solitaire Dreams 3.32 - Summertime

Jun 18, 2022

Heat waves! ☀️ Some love them, some hate them, but we think that every excuse to put on that fabulous summer dress is a good thing. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a sport-on-the-beach 🏄‍♀️ or drinks-by-the-poolside 🍹 type – summer is great fun!

And fun will be had! Enjoy the new holiday event in Solitaire Dreams. No sunscreen needed. 😎

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Solitaire Dreams 3.32 - Fly a kite

Jun 13, 2022

Kids… they sure know how to have fun. A piece of string, a few sticks, and a sheet of paper. Glue it together, paint it pretty, and voila – your award-winning kite is ready! And then windy weather is the perfect reason to go outside. A group of friends on an empty field guarantees a whole afternoon of having a blast. 🏃‍♂️

So great to be a kid… again! 🪁

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Jewelry workshop

Jun 9, 2022

Beautiful sparkling diamonds, blue sapphires that blend with the color of the ocean, purple amethyst that shines under the sunlight, the magic begins in the jewelry workshop. And who doesn’t love jewels? 💎 These beautiful gemstones will accompany us during this whole new event and we want you to be part of this adventure.

💍 Join right away and start playing.

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Strawberry picking

Jun 3, 2022

Ready to pick some juicy strawberries? 🍓 There are thousands of them in our garden, red and sweet, ready to be chosen by you. The more you collect, the more you can fill your fruit basket. Is it possible to eat so many strawberries? Join us to discover it.

Hurry up to join this new fruity event.

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Spring picnic

May 26, 2022

Pack the sandwiches and drinks. Maybe some juicy strawberries and cake for dessert. Don’t forget the blanket and sunscreen. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, it’s a perfect day to go out for a picnic 🧺 under the beautiful blue sky.

We hope you are hungry to win and ready for the surprises of this new event!

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Bicycle trip

May 21, 2022

There’s something magical about bicycles. Maybe you’re just enjoying the weekend, taking it for a trip through flowery fields. The wind messing up your hair and the sun gently caressing your cheeks make it easy to forget the whole world. Or maybe with the basket mounted you take it for produce shopping. Which, you know, could take a good few hours as you make several stops to chat with your friendly neighbors! 😇 Either way, the bike makes a trusty companion.

Let’s celebrate this bond in the new event in Solitaire Dreams. Time for a ride!

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Antique shop

May 16, 2022

Treasure hunting season has begun! What do you think you can find? Antique shops are time machines to visit the past, we get to rediscover parts of our past while learning about history. You never know what you will discover about the world. Not knowing what to expect just makes everything you do find feel like a special treat.

Join our new event to find mysterious surprises and take home a great treasure.

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Lilies of the valley

May 12, 2022

Red lilies symbolize love and passion. Orange lilies symbolize confidence and energy. White lilies symbolize purity and rebirth. Pink lilies symbolize femininity, admiration. Prized for their showy and often fragrant flowers, lilies are among the most coveted garden plants. Are you ready to walk through the lilies of the valley?

In this new event you will be surrounded by the most beloved flowers on the planet and we are waiting for you to join us!

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Charms of Provence

May 7, 2022

Enchanté par la Provence ! And it would be hard not to be amazed. Tiny villages, sparkling coastline, lavender fields… And you, sipping wine on a château terrace, watching as the sun sets over the picturesque hills. Oh yes, one day, definitely! Meanwhile - enjoy the new event in Solitaire Dreams.

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Solitaire Dreams 3.31 - Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2022

Cinco De Mayo is the Mexican holiday and means, literally, the Fifth of May. But it also means fun and fiesta! And tacos, margaritas, sombreros and pinatas 🌮🎉. Let’s have a colorful joy in the new event in Solitaire Dreams. Make sure to update to the new version 3.31!

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Solitaire Dreams 3.30 - Tranquil Place

Apr 27, 2022

Do you have these days when you just wish that the world would stop its constant chatter, slow down, get quiet for a while? Let us offer you a space for you to rest, refresh and rejuvenate. A real tranquil place. 🦋 Opens today in Solitaire Dreams.

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Solitaire Dreams 3.30 - Earth Day

Apr 21, 2022

There’s no place like home! And this “Pale Blue Dot” is the best and only home that we all share. In celebration of our beloved Mother Earth 🌍 we’re launching a new Earth Day event in Solitaire Dreams. Collect sunflowers 🌻, earn rewards and… go green 💚

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Collector Solitaire and Solitaire Royals available on Amazon Appstore

Apr 19, 2022

Do you often find yourself playing games on an Amazon Fire tablet? Or happen to know a soul who does such a thing? You’d be happy to discover that we’ve just launched our two new solitaire games on these wonderful devices. They look and play… amaaaazing! 😎 Give them a try.

Solitaire Dreams 3.30 - Spring Time

Apr 7, 2022

Hello folks! 😀 A new Spring & Easter themed event just launched in Solitaire Dreams (new version 3.30).

Reach at least level 55 in the main section and then follow the button with a bunny 🐰 It will lead you to a special event section with new tables and exclusive new background themes. Collect easter eggs on the main levels (search for those marked with an egg) and use them to play the event levels. Win stars and claim your rewards before it ends on April 20!

Oh, and we’ve also added a new chapter 33 with 90 levels. Happy Easter, everyone! 🤗

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Solitaire Dreams 3.29 - April Fools' Day

Mar 29, 2022

Public Service Announcement: 🤫 This year, April Fools’ Day falls on April 1st. You know, like every year. So don’t get pranked, don’t get caught with your guard down. Train early, train hard, be prepared. Your workout starts today with a new special event in Solitaire Dreams. Go! 😈🤪

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